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Shrink Wrapping Services

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While leaving your roof completely exposed after Asbestos Removal is the cheapest option, shrink wrapping a roof is the best option to ensure the best protection against the weather.

Shrink wrapping roofs for Asbestos Management and Removal

Shrink wrapping roofs are a great weather proofing solution until the roofers can come back in and apply your new roof. 

When Asbestos is removed from your roof, your roof is left exposed until your new roof can be applied – sometimes this can’t always happen straight away so you will run the risk of having significant weather damage to your property if you do not use a form of weather protection. 

Shrink Wrapping Experts

We here at Asbestos Management & Removal Team LTD specialise in shrink wrapping roofs after Asbestos Removal but we are also experienced in tarping your roof if you are looking for a more affordable weather protection option.  Below we discuss both options to give you more insight when deciding which option to choose. 

Shrink wrapped roof for Asbestos Management and Removal

What is Shrink Wrapping?

Shrink wrap is a lightweight, durable wrap that is installed in place of the roof and serves as an extra layer of protection for residential and commercial properties that are at risk from weather damage once Asbestos has been removed. Additionally, shrink wrap is tightly sealed and shrunk with heat around the roof for better protection and is more durable and holds up to the weather better than tarping. 

Shrink wrapping provides the utmost protection when it comes to the elements as compared to a tarpaulin.  Due to the way shrink wrap is secured, supported and shrunk there is nothing better when it comes to protecting your residential or commercial property from the outside elements.


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