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Environmental Remediation

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Here at Asbestos Management & Removal Team LTD, we are experts in clearing and decontaminating your property from hazardous materials like Asbestos.

We take great care in our work, and this is exactly what we do when we remove any Asbestos Contaminated Materials (ACM) from any property.

Whether you have accidentally started water blasting your Asbestos roof to a property catching fire leaving Asbestos debris everywhere or your digging and notice fibres in your soil, Asbestos Management & Removal Team are here to help you.  

What is an Environmental Remediation?

Environmental remediation is when Asbestos fibres have contaminated residential, commercial or worksites either in the soil, water or liquid waste treatment. We will remediate and decontaminate the property/site by providing an environmental cleanup which consists of site testing, removal of asbestos contaminated materials (ACM), monitoring and control of the site.   We can safely and effectively remove any contaminated soil or waste from any type of property whether it be residential, commercial or industrial.

We ensure we are adhering to the Asbestos Regulations and legislations and pride ourselves in holding an A-Class Asbestos Removal License to be able to perform Environmental remediations for our customers.

We do our utmost best to ensure that any asbestos contaminated materials (ACM) are removed and disposed of while minimising the amount of environmental damage to your property or work site.  Our goal is to ensure that we are remediating the environment back to an Asbestos decontaminated zone – so your family, neighbours, staff or contractors can rest assured that there is no risk to them going forward.

For more information about our Environmental Remediation service get in touch below or request a quote.

“Absolutely great experience with the AMR Team. We use them regularly and could not be happier with their service Fast and efficient! Thanks!”

— Matt Stewart

“The big selling point for us was Ryan’s team’s ability to seal off the area in question to such a high standard that we were still able to use uncontaminated areas on the premises with appropriate access controls and H&S risk management.”

— Yron Thal

“Great service. Worked with us for our deadlines. Highly recommend.”

— Jake Wills