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Shrink Wrapping Roof and Tarping Roof

29 November 2022

While leaving your roof completely exposed after Asbestos Removal is the cheapest option, shrink wrapping a roof is the best option to ensure the best protection against the weather. 

When Asbestos is removed from your roof, your roof is left exposed until your new roof can be applied – sometimes this can’t always happen straight away so you will run the risk of having significant weather damage to your property if you do not use a form of weather protection. Shrink wrapping roofs are a great weather proofing solution until the roofers can come back in and apply your new roof.  

We here at Asbestos Management & Removal Team LTD specialise in shrink wrapping roofs after Asbestos Removal but we are also experienced in tarping your roof if you are looking for a more affordable weather protection option. Below we discuss both options to give you more insight when deciding which option to choose.  

Shrink Wrapping Roofs versus Tarp Roofing - AMR Team November 2022 Blog post

What is involved in Shrink Wrapping a roof?

Shrink wrap is a lightweight, durable wrap that is installed in place of the roof and serves as an extra layer of protection for residential and commercial properties that are at risk from weather damage once Asbestos has been removed. Additionally, shrink wrap is tightly sealed and shrunk with heat around the roof for better protection and is more durable and holds up to the weather better than tarping.  

While tarping is the most common form of weather protection, it is not as weather durable as shrink wrapping. This is because every single roof is a different shape, has different penetrations and tarps are not made to fit every single roof, so often multiple tarps need to be used and secured down to ensure the roof is fully covered.  

Shrink wrapping allows us to recreate your roof over the existing house structure, which means we can also heat shrink the wrap to your penetrations, something we cannot do with tarping (here we rely on flashing tape to stick down the tarp around the penetration and the overlapping of tarps). You will not only sleep easier when your roof is shrink wrapped but you can be at ease as the plastic we use in shrink wrapping can conform to whatever shape is being covered. This is because the plastic is fastened and as tight as a drum, it will not get beaten up by elements like wind, rain, snow and hail like a tarp does.  The plastic stays in place and will not move like a tarp, which means there is less risk of damage to other areas of your property because it is not fluttering or banging against it. 

What is involved in tarping a roof?

Roof tarping is when we apply heavy duty PVC tarpaulins to your home once we have received clearance from removing your Asbestos roof. We here at Asbestos Management & Removal Team only use heavy duty PVC tarpaulins that are commercially rated as they are more weather durable than medium or light weight duty tarpaulins. Heavy duty PVC tarpaulins are a great temporary solution when the weather is looking fine with the odd shower or in an emergency as a temporary fix however they will struggle to withstand wind and heavy rainfall especially the longer they are kept on top of your property. This is due to the fact that tarpaulins are a universal shape and cannot conform to all the different shapes, sizes and penetrations residential and commercial properties have.  With this leaks and weather exposure are more likely to happen due to the overlapping of tarps and whether or not we have the ability to tightly secure it down with the end ties and the flashing tape withstands the weather conditions.  

Tarping is a more affordable option for clients, as we reuse our heavy duty PVC tarpaulins so therefore you save money on not using however m2 of plastic your roof is. However you could potentially be left with the extra costs (if not more) of having to sort out leak damage if the tarpaulins fail, as this is something we do not take liability for as we cannot control how the tarpaulin performs in the weather.

We cannot also control or predict the weather even in the Summer months here in New Zealand. We can only do our utmost best to ensure that we have tied the tarpaulin down as securely as we can and hope that the wind doesn’t get up underneath the tarpaulin and cause it to pull and move around – breaking apart the flashing tape securing it to each other and the penetrations which will result in leaks.  

You will also find that tarpaulins will cause noise if there is wind present, as the wind will cause a bit of movement and lifting up and down of the tarpaulins from the roof, so it is to note that you might not have a good night’s sleep while a tarpaulin is on your roof.

So what is the best option – Shrink Wrapping or Tarping?

In our professional opinion Shrink Wrapping your property is the best option.

Shrink wrapping provides the utmost protection when it comes to the elements as compared to a tarpaulin. Due to the way shrink wrap is secured, supported and shrunk there is nothing better when it comes to protecting your residential or commercial property from the outside elements. Shrink wrap’s protection and weather proofing abilities cannot be matched by a tarp. Shrink wrap not only protects better than a tarp, but it also looks better than a tarp. If you’re looking to protect your property from the elements with a cover, shrink wrap’s form fits to whatever shape your property is.

You can rest assured that the plastic from shrink wrap will stay in place and will not move the way a tarpaulin has the ability to do so. This will keep the roofing or building process from encountering delays when the exterior hasn’t caught up to the interior or keep the construction process moving when it cannot usually be performed due to relying on the weather staying fine for an extended amount of time (which we all know is very rare in the lower half of the North Island). This can also help streamline the planning and management process for any project.


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