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Why do we use an Independent Assessor?

25 January 2023

We here at AMR Team only use an Independent Assessor who is Work Safe licenced to undertake our clearances. 

If you are about to embark on or are in the process of removing asbestos in your home or business you need to be aware that the final stage of the Asbestos Removal process is obtaining a written clearance certificate. This is to assure you that all Asbestos that has been contracted to be removed has been done so safely, appropriately and no longer presents any risk to you or your contractor. But what you may not know is that the clearance stage cannot be undertaken by the same supplier that has completed the Asbestos Removal.

We here at AMR Team only use Independent Assessors who are Work Safe licenced to undertake our clearances.

Latex gloved hand holding a piece of asbestos with tweezers. Why do we use an Independent Assessor

So what do you mean by ‘Independent’ Assessor?

This simply means that the licenced asbestos assessor must be free from any conflict of interest when carrying out their assessor work. This is to make sure the process remains objective and the interests of the Asbestos Removalist or PCBU does not unduly influence the outcome.

We here at AMR Team use an licenced Asbestos assessing company to ensure that our independent assessors are qualified, competent and licenced which helps reassure our clients that we will not be able to interfere with their ability to carry out their work to a high standard as well.

Can a company act as the removalist and the independent assessor?

No, this is a conflict of interest where the assessor is an employee or contracted to that same company. The requirement in the Asbestos Regulations is intended to ensure there is no conflict of interest that could allow for bias and an unjust outcome of the inspection after removal.

AMR Team will let clients know what company they use as their independent assessor so the client can give them a call or do their own research to ensure they are WorkSafe Licensed and registered to conduct such assessments if they feel the need.

What should I expect from an Asbestos Assessor?

  • In short you should expect to find them on the Work Safe Register for Licensed Assessors – if the Asbestos Removal company uses an independent company, they should still be able to give you the company name so you can get in contact and ask them this question.
  • You should also expect to receive a written clearance certificate that has the Assessors details on it. It also contains photos as evidence and when necessary, the sample results as well to show that it has passed.
  • They should also act with the highest regard for Health and Safety and act in accordance with the regulations and guidelines.


If you have Asbestos that needs to be carried out within your property and are unsure of your responsibilities and the way to move forward, or you would like further clarification on clearance procedures and Asbestos Removal, please get in touch with us today.


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