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Asbestos Management & Removal Team

A small local family-owned Upper Hutt based team specialising in the Asbestos Removal of Class A and Class B, residential and commercial.

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About Asbestos Management and Removal Team

About Us

AMR Team is a small family-owned business based in Upper Hutt, Wellington, with a dedicated team of friendly experts.

Our team has been committed to providing our customers with affordable, competitive, and efficient asbestos management and removal, testing, and demolition. We take pride in keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise, as well as honest. So you can count on us to let you know if you really don’t need that asbestos removed. We’re here to help guide you to make the right decision.

Our Asbestos Management and Removal Services

Asbestos Management and Removal should always be done by a registered licensed Asbestos Removal company.

When dealing with Asbestos, it is important to know all the dangers that are associated with the removal of Asbestos Contaminated Materials (ACM). You want to ensure the company you use are going to do it safely and correctly. We are here to help you make the correct, informed decision for your home or office.

asbestos management and removal

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Testing

Shrink Wrapping

Environmental Remediation

Contaminated Soil Removal

We offer Asbestos Removal Services in Wellington and surrounding areas

We serve Wellington and other areas, including:

  • Lower Hutt
  • Upper Hutt
  • Porirua
  • Kapiti Coast, and more.

asbestos management and removal

Our Clients

We provide Asbestos Removal, testing, and other related services to clients all around Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, and more.

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Want to get rid of that Asbestos mess?
Well call the best!
Asbestos in your roof, walls, ceilings or floors?
Not to worry, we remove it all!

The Asbestos Removal Process

Our team looks after you and your requirements with excellence and professionalism. If you wonder what the Asbestos Removal process is, keep reading:

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You can give us a call, or fill out our Get a Quote form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project.

Site Visit & Quote

We’ll visit the site and discuss your needs and requirements, and give you an estimation for your project.

Project Plan & Removal

Finally, we’ll get to work and remove all Asbestos from your property. Our expert team will look after you and your needs.

Client Testimonials

“Absolutely great experience with the AMR Team. We use them regularly and could not be happier with their service Fast and efficient! Thanks!”

— Matt Stewart

“The big selling point for us was Ryan’s team’s ability to seal off the area in question to such a high standard that we were still able to use uncontaminated areas on the premises with appropriate access controls and H&S risk management.”

— Yron Thal

“AMR Team has completed many successful asbestos removal projects for us. They have created a unique water proofing system to ensure the property is protected in between the asbestos being removed and the roof being installed. 100% recommend.”

— Rebekah Fraser

“Great service. Worked with us for our deadlines. Highly recommend.”

— Jake Wills

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Learn more about what we do and our expertise by following our blog. More articles coming from January 2023!

Asbestos Removal in the Kapiti Coast

Asbestos Removal in the Kapiti Coast

AMR Team specializes in professional asbestos removal in the Kapiti Coast, offering comprehensive services including asbestos testing and detecting. With a focus on safety, our certified team ensures your residential or commercial property is asbestos-free. We serve the Greater Wellington Region, utilizing the latest techniques for efficient asbestos management. Trust AMR Team for reliable, honest, and efficient asbestos removal services, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Asbestos Removal in the Wellington Region

Asbestos Removal in the Wellington Region

AMR Team excels in asbestos removal across the Wellington Region, including Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, and Kapiti Coast. Specialising in both Class A (friable) and Class B (non-friable) asbestos, we cater to residential and commercial markets. Our services extend from asbestos testing to comprehensive removal and environmental cleaning, ensuring safety and compliance. Trust AMR Team for reliable asbestos management in Hutt Valley and beyond, where quality service meets expert knowledge

Asbestos Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Asbestos or our services, get in touch with Ryan today at 021 391 356.

How do I know I have Asbestos?

Generally, houses built anywhere between the 1940’s to 1980’s had Asbestos products used in them – it is more common in houses built around the 1960’s-70’s we find will test positive for an asbestos product.

The best way to know for sure is to get a sample tested. We at Asbestos Management & Removal Team LTD use an independent third party to come do this for you.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to a group of six naturally occurring minerals that have been mined extensively since the 19th century. Asbestos minerals have several desirable properties including high tensile strength, heat and water resistance and low cost. This made asbestos a staple product within the construction and manufacturing industry during the 20th century. Over time asbestos was found to be a potent carcinogen linked with a large number of serious respiratory diseases and cancers. To protect asbestos workers and minimise health risks from exposure to airborne asbestos fibres, strict rules and regulations surrounding the use and removal of asbestos containing materials were implemented. 

Asbestos is classed into 2 types to remove: 

  1. A Class (Friable) – Mainly found in ceilings, flooring, soil, concrete, and bathrooms.
  1. B Class (Non-Friable) – Roofs, cladding, soffits, balustrades, sheds, etc. This is usually material that is found outside of the house.

To remove A-Class, the asbestos removal company must have an A-Class issued licence. To remove B class, the asbestos removal company must have a B Class issued licence. You can find what type of licence an Asbestos removal company has on the Work Safe Asbestos Licence.

Where would I find Asbestos?

You can find Asbestos just about anywhere – mainly roofs, ceilings, vinyl & concrete flooring, in concrete, cladding, soffits, balustrades, bathrooms, kitchens, sheds and even in your soil.